GratisPoints website Cookie Policy

What are cookies and how does Gratis Points use them?

A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your computer's hard drive. As part of offering and providing customizable and personalized services, Gratis Points may use cookies to store and sometimes track information about you. Some areas on Gratis Points where you are prompted to log-in or that are customizable may require that you accept cookies. This avoids you having to enter your login information many times in one day.

Currently, cookies are utilized by Gratis Points within the following four primary categories or uses: (1) business cookies which operate as a quality control and verification mechanism in connection with the survey process; (2) performance cookies so that traffic patterns and uses on the Gratis Points website may be measured and optimized; (3) user cookies so that user information may be recorded so as to enhance performance and user experience on the website; and 4) targeting cookies which are utilized to measure web viewing for market research purposes.

If you do not wish to have your activity and browsing behaviors tracked by Gratis Points, you may opt out by contacting our customer support team at or selecting the opt-out button located on the “My Account” page.

You can also try to change the browser settings on your computer or your mobile devices which can allow you to “disable cookies.”

Some of the cookies we use are necessary to provide the service that you have requested. There are also cookies on this site which are not strictly necessary to provide our service but which help us to enhance our service and to get to know you better. Those cookies are also used for targeted advertising and web analysis. The following table shows the cookies that we use.

Cookie Name Type Value(s) Purpose and Description Retention Period Tracking pixel, cookie Anonymous identifier, timestamp, URL, webpages visited Ad exposure tracking 90 days for individual, indefinite for aggregated data Script Ad exposure tracking Indefinite
VoiceFive Script Member ID Ad exposure tracking 5 years or as long as there is a business need
Gigya Flash cookies, cookies, HTML5, local storage IP address, page views, browser type, interactions with Gigya's services, the web page currently being visited and the web page visited before, social actions such as sharing and commenting Display social activity feed a reasonable period of time for legal purposes Tracking pixels, cookies Websites visited and webpages viewed, the online ads or content viewed at those sites and pages, the date and time of viewing, interactions with ads or content, IP address, browser type, and operating system (OS) version Ad exposure tracking 2 years
Insight Express, Dynamic Logic (both operated by Millward Brown) Tracking pixels, analytics, scripts Analytics, browser information, date/time, demographic data, hardware/software type, internet service provider, page views, IP address Ad exposure tracking As long as necessary to fulfill a business need or as required by law
NewRelic Analytics, scripts Browser information, date/time, hardware/software type, serving domains, IP address Error reporting Indefinite Script Ad views, analytics, browser information, cookie data, date/time, demographic data, IP address, search history, location based data, device ID, phone number Site usage management Indefinite Cookie Session cookie Session management Browser close
NetRatingsSiteCensus Analytics, scripts Ad views, analytics, browser information, date/time, demographic data, hardware/software type, page views, IP address Marketing Research As long as necessary to fulfill a business need or as required by law
AddThis Cookie Analytics, browser information, date/time, demographic data, page views, IP address, search history Marketing Research 5 years

Additional Cookies may be added or removed by Instantly, in its sole discretion. The business environment is a dynamic and ever-changing one. As such, while Instantly will endeavor to keep the above list current, it will update it, as reasonably practicable. If you have any further questions and/or seek clarifications regarding any more recent modifications to the above list, contact us at